40th and Chimes Project Reconstruction

Update: September 30, 2023 

As South Ogden City furthered the design plans for the upcoming Chimes View Drive and 40th Street Reconstruction Project, the need to construct the project in phases became clear.
The project will now be split into two phases:
Phase 1: Chimes View Drive
Phase 2: 40th Street
Phase 2 includes the small section where Chimes View Drive and 40th Street merge (see map below).
Phase 1 will be constructed in 2024 as planned, with work expected to begin in May.
Phase 2 will be constructed as soon as funding becomes available. The project team is aiming to secure funding in time to construct Phase 2 in 2025, but that time frame is not guaranteed. We will continue to provide updated schedule information as it becomes available.
If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the project team using the HOTLINE 877-495-4240 or EMAIL ashlie.albrecht@consoreng.com


Please click the following links to see the boards and scroll plot from the open house on May 18th.

Open House Boards
Scroll Plot

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