Flood Plan 2023

Update 3/23/23: 
South Ogden City is still at a very minimal risk for flooding.  We will continue to monitor Burch Creek and storm drains around the city.
We would like to update residents on the current conditions related to warm weather and potential flooding within the city. At this point in time, our concerns for flooding within South Ogden are minimal.

We are monitoring Burch Creek and storm drains to ensure they are clear. Current conditions don’t require the placement of sandbags as they are only effective for water runoff and not seeping water.

Only in the event of emergent flooding situations, South Ogden City will provide sand, sandbags, and instructions. When filled sandbags are left out in the elements, they tend to break down and become ineffective during active flooding.

This information will be updated on March 23 or sooner if a situation dictates.

For more information visit https://dem.utah.gov/floodfacts/

To receive emergency notifications about ongoing information you can sign up now. https://bit.ly/3Csgvic for the full sign up or text JOIN SOUTHOGDEN to 31389. This new system will help relay important information during emergencies, water outages, and other things happening around the city.