Notice of Adoption of Ordinance 23-11


South Ogden City hereby gives notice that on Tuesday, May 16, 2023, the South Ogden City Council passed Ordinance 23-11.  This ordinance amended South Ogden City Code 6-1-5(K)(2) to more fully clarify that parking on lawns is only allowed during certain times when a snow storm is approaching. This ordinance will be applicable to all areas of the City.   

A copy of the ordinance can be viewed by clicking here.  A copy of the notice can also be viewed or obtained by visiting the Office of the City Recorder, 3950 Adams Ave., South Ogden City, UT, 84403 or by calling 801-622-2709 to request a copy.  This notice can also be found at


Posted by:

Leesa Kapetanov

City Recorder